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Baby First TV: Products & Services

BabyFirst website is an educational site specifically created to cater what every parent should teach their child during their most essential learning stage. It is definitely the safest and most effective place online where you can introduce your baby the basic knowledge and skills one has to acquire to ensure a bright future.

This site was created by the same experts responsible for the big success of BabyFirstTV, the first kiddie channel in the US which offers entertaining and innovative educational shows.

In this website, you will find a lot of different kinds of educational tools.

Baby U: This tool functions as the child’s first virtual classroom, providing baby-friendly lessons about numbers, language, arts and a lot more.

Video: There are hundreds of videos available for your kids to watch. These videos are all created specifically for infants and toddlers.

Games: Learning was made a lot more fun with the games and activities this website offers. The 2Key Touch navigation is the special feature which will let the child play using just 2 buttons.

TV: BabyFirstTV is definitely available in the website. It features programs that are customized for child viewing from six months to three years old and onwards.

Goodies: Other stuffs like mobile apps, printable and downloadable animation characters that everyone can take advantage of are also available.

Shop: The website promotes the purchases of BabyFirstTV DVD’s, books, plush toys, party supplies, gifts and home décor.

Baby First TV: Company Background

BabyFirst website was developed by Guy Oranim and Sharon Rechter who are also behind the big hit BabyFirstTV, founded in 2003. The company is basically based in Los Angeles CA and being managed by a team who are experienced in terms of visual communication and media diversity. BabyFirst is also administered by a group of experts who mastered in child development, child psychology and childhood education.

Baby First TV: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Customers are generally giving positive feedback to BabyFirstTV as they tend to think their babies are enjoying every single moment of watching it. Parents who managed to get their own DVD copy of BabyFirstTV Shushybye Baby episode are just so fascinated by the way it makes their babies calm and relaxed. However, some experts still believe that there is still no evidence found that television is beneficial for babies.

The mobile app VocabuLarry's Things That Go Game was thought to be relevant and enjoyable by some parents although others found it troublesome to install or to make it work.

Baby First TV: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

BabyFirstTV is currently a fast-growing network being aired in 33 countries, in 13 languages, and has reached 120 million households. It is included in the packages of Comcast Systems, Dish network and DirecTV and Time-Warner. The company has reported a revenue of $2,000,000 as of December 12, 2012. Its investors include Regency Enterprises, Kardan N.V.and Bellco Capital, LLC.

Baby First TV: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

BabyFirst website appears to be one of the most visited sites nowadays. It is currently ranked in Alexa website as #130,452 all over the world. The website is in fact #5 in Google pagerank. Its website networth is approximately $18,462 based on its online website advertisement revenue and traffic value. BabyFirst website gets an estimated pageview of 8,432 a day which gains $25.30 daily or $759 monthly as its advertisement revenue. 

Baby First TV: Social Media Presence

BabyFirst website has an active blog which you can easily access by going to the Community tab. Posts are being updated regularly and containing topics that are mostly related to parenthood. BabyFirstTV also has its presence on Twitter, frequently informing everyone about the company's promos and new products. It also has its own facebook page with 20,305 likes and 1,403 talking about it and still counting.   

Baby First TV: Website Security & Safety

The website deliberately encourages all users to read its privacy policy before advancing to other pages of this site.  The website is relatively simple and secure for online purchases. You will see a green https:// to show the secure connection during the payment process to make sure that all transactions are in maximum security.

Baby First TV: Pricing & Packages

BabyFirstTV channel is being offered to subscribers for $4.99 monthly which is seemingly cheap considering that it presents a lot of good quality programs. BabyFirstTV DVD price is usually $14.95 but some episodes are now offered in Amazon for $12.99. BabyFirstTV Color all around book costs $5.99 and Peek-a-Boo Farm Book is for $ 6.99.

It is definitely worth every penny to invest with BabyFirstTV products. In fact, it earned an award from iParenting Media Award as the “Greatest product of the year” under the category of Children’s television back in 2006. 

Baby First TV: Shipping Rates & Policies

 At the moment, BabyFirstTV online shopping can only accommodate shoppers from the US, Mexico and Canada. Each order is subjected to a shipping and handling fee of $5. All purchases are shipped through the US Postal Service. Delivery usually comes on time and orders usually arrive in good condition. Sales Tax is computed in accordance to state and federal tax.   

Baby First TV: Payment Methods Accepted

For purchase and subscription, customers can process payments through credit and debit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. PayPal is also accepted. It is absolutely safe and convenient since payment system ensures maximum security by allowing shoppers to input credit or debit card or PayPal information via secure connection. 

Baby First TV: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Payments for subscriptions are non-refundable for any reason. Cancellation of subscription at any time is feasible however; it does not entitle you to get a refund for that current period of subscription. Therefore, it is highly recommended to cancel subscription right before the current subscription period ends.

In terms of shipping, any faulty or damaged product delivered will be refunded in full amount. 

Baby First TV: Product images & screenshots
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